flash cards

WWW list 31 and 32 a way to help!!!!!

Question Answer
malaproprism ludicrous misuse of a word
nonplussed perplexed
postlude concluding section
hierarchy ranking
portly stout
interdiction prohibition
vide see
omnibus covering many things
monolithic massive and uniform
imponderable difficult to ponder
benediction blessing
incredulous not believing
omniscient all-knowing
neophyte beginner
unilateral one-sided
ven come
flu flow
loqu talk
moll soft
hypothecate pledge as security
heterodox unorthodox
paterfamilias male head of family
putative thought-to-be
aver affirm of declare
magaton force of a million tons of dynamite
sangfroid cold-blooded composure
alter ego second self
altercation heated dispute
contravene go against
confluence a flowing together
circumlocution talking in circles
soliloquy speech to oneself
mollify make soft
gregarious sociable

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