flash cards

week 1 medical terms

anti- against
antisocial against socialization
ad- in the direction of
adduct in the direction of the middle; to bring together
ante- prior to, in front of
antecedent preceding in time or order
Ab- off the norm; not
abnormal not normal
Be- make, aligned with, greatly
benign not aligned with cancer
Bi- two, occurring twice
bicycle having two wheels
de- away, versus, reduce
deduct take away from something
Dia- transverse, acros
diameter all the way across a circle
dis- contradictory; disparate; away
disjointed away from the joint
en- create; put in or on; surround
engulf to completely surround an object
syn- by means of; together;same
synthesis to bring together ideas to create a theory
Trans- across; far away; go through
transvaginal through the vagina
Ultra- extreme; beyond in space
ultrasound extreme sound
un- opposing; antithetical; not
uncooperative not cooperative
A- without
afebrile without a fever
apnea without oxygen/ breathing
An- without
anoxia without oxygen
Bin- two
binotic pertaining to two ears
Brady- slow
bradycardia slow breathing
dys- difficulty
dyspnea difficulty breathing
Endo- within
endoscope instrument that goes within the body
Ex- outward
expell throw up; out of mouth
Eu- normal
eupnea normal breathing
Epi- over; top
epidermis top layer of skin
Exo- outward
exocrine secretes outward from the body
Hemi- half
hemiplegia half of body is paralyzed
Hyper- excessive; high
hypertension high blood pressure
Hypo- deficient; low
hypotension low blood pressure
inter- between
intercostal between the ribs
intra- within
intradermal within the dermis
uni- one
unilateral one sided
trans- through
transdominal through the abdomen
tachy- fast
tachycardia fast heart rate
syn- join
synarthritic where bones in head join; suture lines
sym- join
pubic symphysis- where legs join at pelvis
supra- superior
supraventricular superior rhythm
sub- below
subcutaneous below the skin
pro- before
prodromal before infection
pre before
preoperative before surgery
post- after
postpartum after birth
meta- change
metastasis change in cells
micro tiny
microorganism tiny organism
tetra- four
tetraphylgic four extermeties
poly- many
polysistic many fluid filled sacs
peri- surrounding
pericardium surrounding the heart
per- through
percutaneous absorb through the skin
para- beyond
paraplegic paralyzed beyond the waist
pan- total
pandemic- total population
nulli none
nullipara never pregnant
neo- new
neonatal new baby
multi- numerous
mulitcellular numerous cells
multiviles multiple tubes

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