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Weather Flashcards Grade 5

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What type of clouds appear if there are thunderstorms? Cumulonimbus
What are the three types of clouds? Stratus, Cumulus, Cirrus
Which cloud is the lowest? Stratus
what is the state of atmosphere given at a place and time? Weather
What is climate? Weather conditions in an area over a long period of time
What is an anemometer? A tool that measures wind speed
What helps recharge aquifers? Snow and rain falling on the ground
What goes up and down in a thunderstorm? Hail
What causes steady snow and rain? The cold is dense,therefore the warm air will move up and out
What indicates the warm front to move? The H
What produces warm and wet weather? Air masses that form over tropical oceans
What warm summers and cold winters? Temperate climate zones
Tropical Rain Forest known for ? Being Hot,Wet
What takes place over the oceans? Evaporation
What is the average pattern of weather that occurs in a certain location over many years? Climate
This is the condition of the atmosphere at a given time and place. Weather
Hail, rain, sleet, and snow that condenses in the atmosphere and falls to Earth's surface. Precipitation
This is when water is changed from a gas (water vapor) to a liquid. Condensation
This is the process by which water is changed from a liquid to a gas (water vapor) Evaporation
Half of the earth Hemisphere
The gas state of water. Water vapor
A climate zone near the equator characterized by warm temperatures. Tropical Zone
A measure of water vapor in the air Humidity
A climate zone characterized by very little precipitation and extremely cold temperatures. Polar Zone
A climate zone located between the tropics and the polar circles characterized by moderate temperatures rather than extremely hot or cold temperatures. Temperate Zone
The continuous movement of water through the environment by evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and run off Water Cycle

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