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Vocabulary Unit 1 Vocabulary

Term Definition
Bluff Direct and outspoken in a good-natured way.A steep, high cliff or bank; an attempt to fool someone.To deceive or trick; To try to fool others by putting on a confident front.
Cautious Avoiding, unnecessary risks or mistakes.
Consist To be made up of.
Despise To look down on intensely or feel contempt for, dislike strongly.
Haven A safe place.
Miniature A very small copy, model, or painting.On a very small scale
Monarch A person who rules over a kingdom or empire.
Obstacle Something that gets in the way.
Postpone To put off until later.
Straggle To stray off or trail behind; To spread out in a scattered fashion.
Treacherous Likely to betray; seeming safe but actually dangerous.
Vivid Bright and sharp, giving a clear picture; full of life.

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