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Vocabulary By: Brandon Javier Reyes Morales

Term Definition Sentence Part of speech
Mild/ End, point limit to the last moment in which a thing spreads over time in space. The atmosphere had been tempered so much, the storks. adjective
Port Place sheltered from the wind at the edge of the sea or a river where boats can stop and stay safe, which has facilities to make repairs or carry out boarding and disembarkation operations. the port is dark sand. noun
Jokes A joke is a maneuver, trick or trick that makes someone a purpose to make you feel ridiculed, cheated or victimized, usually for humor. The jokes of my friends are very heavy. Noun
Polite Who is kind, considerate and educated in the rules of courtesy. The waiters are very polite. Adjective
Inch Length measurement of various countries and variable value. The strips of paper in the center of the city. Noun
Feathers sporty padded cushion filled with bird feathers, usually waterproofed, fastened with clasp and sometimes with a ribbon or drawstring at the hem of the cuffs, waist and edge of the hood that serves to adjust the garment to the body and prevent the passage. Some pillows have feathers inside. Noun
Pound Currency unit of Ireland (until its replacement by the euro), United Kingdom, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, Malta, Syria and other countries. Rice is sold only per pound. Noun
Extinct That no longer exists today. There is a theory that the dinosaurs were extinguished by a metiorito. Verb
Appreciated affection, dear, thankful, dear, precious. Old things are much appreciated with great value. Verb
Seriously That is little given to show joy. The history teacher is very serious. Noun
Facts A fact is any verifiable event through the perception of the senses. In spite of the little relevance that at first glance may seem to go deeper into a correct delimitation of the term, the truth is that it is of the utmost importance for the scientific. The facts of the Second World War were very important. Noun
Coast Cadiz, The Coast of Light. The province gathers 260 kilometers of coastline and 138 kilometers of beaches: coves, inlets, sandstones of several kilometers. On the coast, we can see many crabs. Adjective
Sea level Height of the sea when it is calm, which serves as a reference for measuring the height or depth of a mountain, a geographical point, etc. The sea level is too high. Adjective
Ski An object made up of a long, narrow strip of hardwood or other lightweight and elastic material which, adjusted to the foot by means of a device, serves to slide on snow or water. Skiing is practiced in the high mountains with snow. Noun
Fool He has little understanding or intelligence. Fools are the fools. Noun
Edgewise The song is the controlled emission of sounds of the human phonando device (voice), following a musical composition. The birds are singing. Noun
Acknowledge Distinguish or identify a person or a thing among several by a series of own characteristics. Acknowledge that Silvano is a good student. Sustantive
Hilarious that is funny and makes you laugh. The new CALL OF DUTY game is hilarious. Adjective
Hurtle throw s. The new boy throws everything violently. Verb
Irate It shows having anger or a very great anger. The Spanish youtuber is very Irate for playing Geometry Dash .. Verb

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