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Vocabulary 1 Vocabulary

Term Definition
Soto Seat, to sit
Sikhe Book, to read, bookish
Uashe Hair
Lita Pen/cil, to write
Sovna Sleep, to sleep, sleepy, sleepily
Tala Table, to put on a table
Hav Food, to eat
Slo Water, to drink, watery, waterily
Pong Phone, to ring
Aya Art, to draw
Tori Music/sound, to listen
Die School, to learn
Hyem Home
Hyan House
Zhan Go, to go, moving, movingly
Onv Stop, to stop, stopping
Szy Possession, to have
Adet Language/conversation, to communicate, chatty, chattily
Ei Sight/eye, to see/look/watch, watchful, watchfully
Labor Work, to work, hardworking
L?re, lure Need, to need, needy, needily
Hana Happiness, to be happy, happy, happily
Rusa Desire, to want, wanting, wantingly
Izota If you don't know this then get out
Kirito Name, to be called
Fiya Film, to film, like a film

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