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Vocab IDS Chpt 7 Vocabulary

Term Definition
Oncology Study and treatment of tumors
Generation Group of people; Production of something
Jargon Language particular to a profession
Alienated Make unfriendly or indifferent; Isolated
Version Type
Retained Preserve; Keep back; Keep ahold of
Straightforward Tell the truth; Not complicated, Understanding
Diagnosis Discovery; Illness that has been identified
Prescriptive Enforcement of a rule/method
Tackling Take on; Approach
Liability Responsibility for something
Compassion Caring
Punitive Involve punishment
Coordinate Arrange; Organize
Uniform Something specific for that event or program; Consistent
Nosy Want to be involved with others business; Always trying to find out private information about someone or something
Unpretentious Simple, Honest
Philanthropic Give money to people who are poor or who needs money; Dispensing or receiving aid; Promote welfare of others
Drifting Moving along; Gradual change

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