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Unit 5 Vocabulary The evalutiion of English

Term Definition
Island an area of land that has water around it
Likely expected
Major more important or more serious than other things or people of a similar type
Mix to combine,so that the result can't easily separated into its parts
Officiail agreed to or arranged by people in positions of authortiy
Opportunity an occasion or situation which makes it possible to do something that you want to do
oppose to disagree with something or someone,often by speaking or fighting againist them
order the way in which people pr things are arrange,either in relation to one another or according to a particular characteristic
pronounce to say a word or a letter in a particular way
seem to give the effect of being:to be judged
spread to cover,reach or have an effet on a wider or increasing area
status an official position,especilly in social group
surface the outer or top part or layer of something
surprising unexpected
survive to continue to live or exist,especially after coming close dying or being destroyed or after being in a difficult or threatening situation
trade the activity of buying and selling,or exchanging

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