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unit 5 vocabluary the evolution of English

Term Definition
Claim to say that something is true or is a fact, although you cannot prove it and other people might not believe it.
Control when you control something or someone, or the power to do this
Distance the amount of space between two places
Enemy A country, or the armed forces of a country which is at war with another country
Express to show what you think or how you feel using words or actions
Fight When people people fight, they use physical force to try defeat each other.
Idea a suggestion or plan
Invade to enter a country , town or area using military force in order to control of it
Journey when you travel from one place to another
March when soldiers march they walk together with regular steps
Married a married man or women as a wife or husband
Method a way of doing something often one that involves a system or plan
Minority Less than half of the whole group often much less
notice to see or become aware of something or someone
Origin where an object was made
Position the place where something is often in relation to other things

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