flash cards

Unit 5 first 15words

Term Definition
appear to seem to be a particular thing or have a particular quality
approximately close to a particular number or time although not exactly that number or time
century a period of 100 years
challenging diffucult, in a way that tests your ability or determination
colony a country or area controlled politically by a more powerful and often distand country
combination a mixture obtained when two or more things are combined.
conquest when someone conquers a country area or situation
economic relating to trade industry and money
empire a group of countries ruled by a single person government or country
exact in great detail or complete correct or true in every way
furthermore in addition to what has just been said
global relating to the whole world
history the whole series of events in the past which relate to the development of a coutry subject or person
inhabitant a person or animal that lives in a particular place
island an area of land that has water around st

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