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Unit 3 Legislative Branch Vocabulary

Term Definition
Legislative Branch Leaded by congress, including the house of representatives and the senate. Makes laws
Impeachment Process the legislative body formally levels charges against a high official of government
Appropriations Funds distributed by a legislature for a purpose as part of a budget or spending a bill
Speaker of the House Leader of the house of representatives
Bicameral Two-house legislature
Vice President The person who votes in the senate in case there is a tie, leader of the senate
Standing Committee A committee that stays the same and is especially good in one topic
Majority Party Party with the most members in Congress
Redistricting Redrawing of congressional and other legislative district lines following the census, to accommodate population shifts and keep districts as equal as possible in population
Re-apportionment Redistribution of representatives among the states based on the population of each state
President Pro Tempore The president of the senate for a short time, this is when vice president is not there
Filibuster Long speeches used to prevent a vote on a bill
Constituents People represented by an elected official
Census A population survey that is taken every ten years
Conference Committee Committee that helps members in the senate and the house representatives work with each other
Joint session Gathering of members of two chambers of the bicameral legislature of the federal government of the United States
Implied Powers Powers that are not on the constitution but are assumed to exist due to its necessary to implement expressed powers
Minority Party Party with fewer members
Lobbyist People that represent interest groups
Checks and Balances Limits powers for legislative branch so that it doesn't have too much power
Interest groups Groups of people that work together for the same interests or goals
Cloture Agreement to end the debate on a bill
Bill A proposed law
Expulsion A forced removal of a member of congress because of dishonesty or wrongdoing

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