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Stack #2650642 1920s, Great Depression, New Deal & 1930s

Term Definition
Babe Ruth Afamous hitter for the New York Yankees baseball team in the 1920s.
Langston Hughes A black writer during the Harlem Renaissance.
Henry Ford Introduced mass production of automobiles.
Henry Ford Found that he could produce cars less expensively by using a moving assembly line.
Harlem Renaissance The era of expression by African American artists and writers .
Louis Armstrong A famous jazz musician.
horseless carriage What some people called the automobile.
Charles Lindbergh The first man to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.
Stock Market Crash of 1929 This occurred because more people wanted to sell stock than to buy stock.
Herbert Hoover The president during the stock market crash.
aid to businesses Hoover thought that the best way to help the country was for the federal government to give
"New Deal" Franklin Roosevelt started the __________ to help America recover from the Great Depression.
Tennessee Valley Authority The _____________ is a New Deal program that built dams in a seven-state region.
get people back to work The goal of Roosevelt's New Deal was to ___________.
soil erosion A long period of drought in the Great Plains caused severe______.
clouds of dust The soil blew away and formed large _________.
"Dust Bowl." This area became known as the _______.
Great Depression, During the ________, thousands of people lined up at soup kitchens run by charities.
Jesse Owens Won four gold medals during the 1936 Olympics.
Margaret Mitchell Wrote "Gone with the Wind", one of the most popular novels of all time.
Duke Ellington, One of the most famous musicians of the"Swing Era."

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