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reconstruction the rebuilding of the south once the civil war ended
10% plan Lincoln's plan for reconstruction
amnesty an official pardon ( forgiveness)
radical republicans Congress who opposed the 10% plan wanted harsher punishment for slaves
13th amendment outlawed slavery
/Freedman's bureau an agency to help freed slaves
carpetbaggers northerners who came south after the war to rebuild included teachers ministers business people
scalawags wanted to forget the war and modernize the south
freedmen former slaves 4 million in the south illiterate, no property, unskilled
15th amendent everyone could vote
conservatives resisted reconstruction did not want the south to change
ku klux klan secret society of white
14th amendent all freedmen were citizens
poll tax tax you needed to pay to vote
jim crow new laws passed once reconstruction ended
literacy tests you needed to read to vote
grandfather clauses allowed some white illiterates to vote

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