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mediator tried to develop a solution acceptable to both sides
trail court hears the witness testify and reviews the others
original jurisdiction contact with dispute, a trail court has
verdict a decision, in the case
transcript which is a verbatim record of what went on trail
which of the following are involved in appellate court proceedings? judges
A decision of the lower court that has been changed by the lower court is said to be? amended
special jurisdiction hears only one specific type of case
general jurisdiction can hear almost any kind of case
writ of certiorari to the last court the case
A supreme Court did not exist under the Articles of Confederation True
There are ____ levels of courts with general jurisdiction in the federal system three
The federal trial are known as? district courts
court of record exact
small claims court minor individuals suit would not often be heard
juvenile courts to carry out this policy
probate courts administer wills and estates to accomplish
court governmental forum that administers justice under the law
A state trial court has the power to hear some appeals, True of false? True
Attorneys generally are not required in a small claims court, True or false? False

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