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First Amendment (Press) Allows news media say what ever they want without fear
First Amendment (Petition) Congress cannot deny anybodies request to solve the problems or change the law
First Amendment (Speech) Protects people what they say in public without fear
First Amendment (Religion) Prohibits government changing any religion
First Amendment (Assembly) Congress cannot deny individual's right to protest
Second Amendment Right to bare arms
Third Amendment Prohibits government from placing troops in people's homes
Forth Amendment Protest people from unreasonable searches
Fifth Amendment A person cannot be tried twice for the same crime. a person can't be forced that will be used against him/her
Sixth Amendment A person must be told what they're charged for
Seventh Amendment Right to trial by jury from a minor crime
Eighth Amendment Federal courts cannot punish anyone cruel or unusual
Ninth Amendent People cannot have their rights taken away or warp it
Tenth Amendment

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