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Spanish Vocab Ch 2-3 Spanish Vocab

Term Definition
Cual es la fecha de hoy? What is the date today?
Que dia es hoy? What day is today?
Cual es su nacionalidad? What is your nationality?
De que color es …? What color is …?
De que origen es Ud? What is your background?
estar a punto de + infinitive to be about to
estar conforme to be in agreement
estar de acuerdo (con) to be in agreement (with)
estar de vuelta to be back
estar para + infinitive to be about to
estar por to be in favor of
estar por + infinitive to be inclined to
acertar (e > ie) to be on target, guess right
apretar (e > ie) to be tight, squeeze
ascender (e > ie) to go up, promote
atravesar (e > ie) to cross
cerrar (e > ie) to close
comenzar (e > ie) to begin
confesar (e > ie) to confess
gobernar (e > ie) to govern
helar to freeze
despertar(se) (e > ie) to wake up
nevar to snow
encender (e > ie) to light
encerrar (e > ie) to lock in, contain
acordarse (o > ue) to remember
acostarse (o > ue) to put to bed, go to bed
conmover (o > ue) to move (emotionally)
contar (o > ue) to count
devolver (o > ue) to return, give back
envolver (o > ue) to wrap up
llover to rain
mostrar (o > ue) to show
oler (o > ue) to smell
probar(se) (o > ue) to try, taste, try on
resolver (o > ue) to solve
soler (o > ue) to be accustomed to
tronar (o > ue) to thunder
volar (o > ue) to fly
Hace sol/viento It's sunny/windy
Hace calor/frio It's warm/cold
Hace buen/mal tiempo The weather's good/bad
Esta nublado/despejado It's cloudy/clear
el relampago lightning
granizar to hail

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