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Spanish Chapter 5

Question Answer
Gustar To like, to be pleasing to
Interesar To interest
Aburrir To bore
Pensar To think
Dormir To sleep
Preferir To prefer
Propio(a) Own
A?QuA© pena! What a shame!
Lo siento (mucho) I'm very sorry
Los deportes Sports
El fA?tbol Football(soccer)
El bA©isbol Baseball
El bA?squetbol Basketball
El tenis Tennis
El partido, el juego Game
El equipo Team, equipment
El/la jugador(a) Player
El tanto Score, point
Jugar To play(sport)
Volver To return
Poder To be able
Querer To want, to wish
Perder To lose, to miss
Ganar To win, to earn
El balA?n Ball

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