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the progressive era occurred between 1890-1920
the southern farmers, during the grange movement, expressed unhappiness regarding: railroad transportation costs
this photojournalist took many pictures of poor children living in New York City ghettoand did so to expose the lack of home life for these children to the nation order for others to become more aware of social problems Jacob Riis
This muckracker conducted a study in 1892 where he interviewed more than 1200 uncovering the bias corruption in hiring teachers who were said to have been hired upon their party affiliation Joseph Rice
which progressives main concern was for reforming society and they did not believe that child centered education went far enough to to do this? social reconstructionists
which progressive focused on hands on learning child centered
which progressive believed hat people were poor because of low intelligence and that certain races were genetically inferior scientific progressives
this organization formed after groups met in chicago from all over the nation american federation of teachers
as a restful of vocational training, which school emerged junior high schools
___________ studied Johann Pestalozzas philosophy of natural education when he visited france francis parker
_____ opened his own laboratory school in 1896, stressing experimentation john dewey
_______ was raised in a rural agriculture environment and saw "urbanized and industrial society" as a major threat to democracy george cunts
_____ felt that common schools were controlled by middle and upper class and the high schools had mainly children of the more fortunate enrolled george counts
which of the following classes would not be considered a commercial education class trig
define tracking or differentiation
define muckracker person that works to exposed social inequalities within education
define reformer person that uses education to blur the social line
define smith hughes act standardized and accelerated vocational education movement
vocational raining was developed and offerened in order to prepare children for manual labor along with providing academic courses
for whom were the secretarial science classes created females who were lured away from academic courses
which trail concluded racial inequality representing a social construction and could not be simply and artificially overcome by passing laws to require otherwise, siding against this individual plessy vs fergueson
from 1880-1930______southern and eastern european emigrated to the U.S. 27 MILLION
Which act was fully implemented, which ended the virtually free immigration policy johnon-reed
define de jure and de facto segregation de jure was by law and de facto was more unofficial.. it occuredmostly through residential patterns such as neighborhoods
who created the gary plan or platoon system and what was it william wirt; was to make sure that the entire building from elementary to secondary was being used efficiently and effectively
for what main national reason would industrial leaders want more productive workers? (besides more money) more productive workers was wanted due to competition overseas
which main invention caused the industry in the early 1800s to accelerate rapidly? communication and telephone
list at least 2 main factors that caused progressive movement mass migartionforeign economic compeptition
John Dewey child centered
psycologist iq test scientific
jane adams social reconstruction
catherine coggin social reconstruction
margaret shurtz
george counts social reconstructionist
francis parker
joseph rice social reconstructionist
fredrick taylor scienctific
for what main purpose did kindergarten usually serve implemented american values in mass immigration european, mexican russian and italian kids
for what was the main purpose of 4 h clubs ect for there to remain a sense of wholesomeness within the country life
what was ovaries and algebra claimed that stressed caused by competition between girls and boys in school would cause the females blood er ho flow to her brain instead of reproductive organs; causing her not to be sterile
what was the significance of mendez vs winchester overturned "separate but equal" and allowed cases like poesy vs fergueson to be revisited
what does separate but equal mean that whites and other races would have the same things they would be split between races. ex: trains for whites; schools; pools; water fountains

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