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The point on which a lever rests or is supported and on which it pivots. Fulcrum
Rate at which energy is converted; measured in watts (W). Power
Ratio of the output force exerted by a machine to the input force applied to the machine. Mechanical Advantage
Machine that does work with only one movement; examples include lever pulley, wheel and axle, inclined plane, screw, and wedge. Simple Machine
Machine that is a combination of two or more simple machines. Compound Machine
Energy that is stored due to the interactions between objects. Potential Energy
Energy a moving object has because of its motion; determined by the mass and speed of the object. Kinetic Energy
The effort is applied on one side of the fulcrum and the resistance (or load) on the other side. (Fulcrum is in the middle) First Class Lever
The resistance (or load) is on one side of the effort and the fulcrum is located on the other side. (Input force is in the middle) Third Class Lever
When a input force moves a machine a certain distance. Input Distance
The force you put on the machine. Input force
The force the machine exerts on a object. Output force

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