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Root Words Set 6 words and roots of set 6

Term Definition
des- from, away, down, apart, not
in- in, into, not
re- back, again
cant song
-ation an action or process
-cle small
-trice feminine
incantation the chanting of supposedly magic words
recant to withdraw something previously said (re+cant = song (speech) back)
cantillation the action of unaccompanied chanting in free rhythm
canticle a hymn derived from the bible; little song (cant +i+ cle = small song)
cantatrice female prefessional singer (cant+a+trice= feminine song)
descant high melody above the main melody (des+cant = apart from song)
a- away, from; not, without
di- two
en- in, into
meta- beyond, change
cephal head, brain
morph form
thorax chest
-ic like, related to
-itis inflammation
-ology study of, science
-osis condition
-ous having the quality of
dimorphic occuring or existing in two different forms (di+morph+ic = like/related to two forms)
cephalic of, or relating to the head (cephal+ic= like or related to head)
morphology the study of the form and structure of organisms (morph+ology= science or study of forms)
metamorphosis a complete change of character, appearance, condition, etc. (meta+morph+osis= condition of form changes)
amorphous without definitite form; shapeless (a+morph+ous = having the quality of no form)
encephalitis inflamation fo the brai (en+cephal+itis = inflammation in head (or brain) )
cephalothorax fused head and thorax of an arachnid or higher crustacean (cephal+o+thorax = chest and head)

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