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Road to Civil War 2

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Freeport Doctrine Stephen Douglas' support of popular sovereignty during debate w Lincoln in Freeport, IL; angered Southerners who supporte the Scott v Sandford decision allowing expansion of slavery; split the Democrats & cost him Southern support in the election of 1860
Lecompton Constitution Constitution for Kansas; written by an illegally elected pro-slavery legislature; slavery would either be allowed or only slaves already there would be allowed; supported by Buchanan; never approved- KS only admitted after the start of the Civil War
Know Nothings political group that supported nativist views (i.e. protecting jobs for Americans against immigrant competition) & tried to limit the voting power of immigrants in the North
Whigs political party formed in opposition to the Andrew Jackson; experienced success through the 1830-1840s; split into Conscience Whigs (anti-slavery) and Cotton Whigs (pro-slavery), fall apart & become part of the Democratic and Republican parties
Democrats political party formed by Andrew Jackson's supporters; split during the 1850s into Northern Democrats (pro popular-sovereignty) and Southern Democrats (pro-slavery) in the election of 1860
Republicans new political party formed by anti-slavery members of the Northern Democrats, Conscience (anti-slavery) Whigs, and members of short lived Free Soil Party; successfully got Buchanan elected in 1856 and Lincoln in 1860
popular sovereignty new states would hold a vote to allow the people of that territory to decide whether to be slave or free when applying to become a state; stems from the idea that power rests with the people; led to violence in Kansas and political conflict nationally
Dredd Scott slave who sued for his freedom after being moved from Missouri (a slave state) to Illinois (a free state) and back; Taney said slaves were not citizens w/ no right to sue in court & were property (could be taken anywhere), protecting property rights

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