Redrafting & refining your work

The following is an example of how to turn your draft into a final copy. Press the Edit button to start.

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Essay order

In English, essays follow a linear structure, where point 1 leads to point 2, point 3 etc. A key skill in essay writing is being able to organise and link your ideas together in this way. This means thinking about which points go together and how they might follow each other in a ‘logical’ way. It is also important to show the reader (or assessor) how you have organised your ideas, to form a coherent, linear argument.

Before you start, have you completed the previous sections?

  • Essay structure
  • Paragraphs
  • Topic sentences

This section will look at how to order paragraphs in an essay.

Paragraph order

The following mixed up paragraphs form an essay. Read through the paragraphs and work out their correct order. Type the corresponding number of the paragraph into the order boxes below. Click ‘Check’ to check your answers, the paragraphs will reorder themselves into your order. If the paragraphs are in the correct place, a tick will appear beside the paragraph. Take note of the correct paragraph numbers. Press the ‘reset’ button to return to the start, then type the order in again. Keep going until you have properly reorganised the essay. You can print out the paragraphs and cut them up and order them, and then type in the paragraph numbers


So why do the paragraphs go in this order? Using the essay structure outline, we will analyse this essay. Click on each paragraph to see why it is positioned where it is.

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