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His mouth was dry and tasted and sticky Foul
His lips were cracked and fell as if they were bleeding and if he did not drink some water soon he felt that he would up and die Wither
Along the edge there were thick grasses and the water looked a little and there were small things in the water Murky
He and put his mouth to the lake and drank, pulling it deep and swallowing great gulps of it Stoop
For the first time since the crash his mind started to work, his brain And he began thinking Trigger
It was hot now but the sun was high and to his rear and he sat in the shade of the tree in comfort Relative
When a plane went down they mounted searches and almost always they found die plane with in a day or two Extensive
You are your most valuable Asset
A pictures of hamburger the way they showed it in the television commercials thundered into his thoughts Tone
Why did that keep coming into his thinking that way and pushing Nudge
He wanted to stay near the lake because he thought the plane even deep in the water might show up to someone flying out there and he didna??t want to any chance he might have of being found Diminish
Some of the rock that had been scooped out had also been by glacier action turned into sand and made a small sand beach that went down to the edge of the water in front and to the right of the overhang Pulverize
Some of the rock that had been scooped out had also been pulverize by the action turned into sand and a made a small sample beach though my dad to the edge of the water in the front and right of the overhang Glacial
There were half as big as grapes but hung in branches much like grapes and went by and saw them right in the sunlight and almost yelled Glisten
As soon as the cold water hit his stomach he felt the hunger sharpen as it had before and he stood and held is abdomen until the hunger cramps Recede
She turned and looked at it studied the work Crude
The branches were empty of birds but still had many berries and some of those that had been red yesterday were now dark maroon to black Merely
Soon this as before his stomach was full but now we had some sense and he did not. or cramp more down Gorge
Soon the sand outside was drenched and there were running down to the lake Rivulet
The smell was one of rot some rot that made him think only of graves with cobwebs and dust and or death Musty
Now he screamed with the pain and fear and scattered on his backside up to the corner of shelter breathing through his mouth to see to hear Strain
He felt he could see a low dark for in the dark shadow that lived but now it moved away slithering scraping it moved away and he saw or thought he saw it go out the door open Bulk
What it was that the shadow wasna??t coming back he felt his calf of his leg where the pain was centered and spreading to fill the whole leg Apparent
His fingers touched a group of needles that have been driven to his pain and into the flash part of his calf Gingerly

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