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pva 7th sch3 life science 3

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What causes movement? muscle tissue
What carries messages to and from the brain? nervous tissue
What are the 4 major types of tissues found in animals? muscle, connective, nervous, epithelial
What have similar types of cells grouped together to perform specific tasks? tissues
How long does it take a cell to complete the cell cycle? it depends on the type of cell that is dividing
What has the purpose to form the protective outer layer of skin? epithelial tissue
What are the 2 major organ systems of plants? root and shoot systems
What is two sister chromatids joined by a centromere? duplicated chromosome
What phase has two new identical nuclei form? telophase
DNA copying occurs during which phase? interphase
When does the nuceolus disappear? prophase of mitosis
What do animal cells not have? cell plates
Groups of different tissues working together. organs
What phase do chromosomes line up across the middle of the cell. metaphase
Unspecialized cells that may develop into different types of cells? stem cells
Name a part of the shoot system? stem of a flower
Occurs in plants only and is similar to a cell wall down the middle of the plant cell. cell plate
Name 3 types of plant tissue. vascular, dermal and ground
What has the shortest phase of mitosis-chromosomes line up at center of cell? metaphase
What takes place in the ground tissue of plants? photosynthesis
The process in which cells coming from the same cell become different types of cells. cell differentiation
How long does it take for a human cell to make a complete cycle? about 24 hrs.
What stage has pairs of identical chromosomes being held together by a centromere? S stage of interphase
What phase has the period of growth and development/cell spends most of life in this phase? interphase
What areunspecialized cells in plants? meristems
What is considered to be an organ? plant leaf
Name to stages of mitotic phase. mitosis and cytokinesis

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