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Psych Chpt 9/12

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Personality Pattern on enduring distinctive thoughts, e motions, and behavior
Who were the psychoanalytic people Carl Jung, Carl Horny, and Alfred Adler
Who were into humanistic studys Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow
Who was interested in social cognitive Albert Bandura
What are the 5 factor models of personality Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism
Who was apart of the psychoanalytic theory Sigmund Freud
What are conscious experiences Everyday experiences
What are preconscious experiences Cue into the environment
What are unconscious experiences We all have thoughts and feelings and desires that make us uncomfortable
What the Id Our biological drives like hunger and comfort these are irrational drives and this operates under pleasure
Whats the Ego Very rational plans things out and takes in account the reality of the world
Whats the Superego Morals they tell us the right direction to go
Whats the Angel? Superego
Whats the Devil? Id
Whats the Person? Ego
What are the 5 sexual stages centered around The erogenous zones
Developmental Psychology Study of pattern and continuity and change that occurs through life
Whats Nature vs. Nurture How much our development depends on biological aspects(Nature) and how much is due to environment(Nurture)
Whats Stability vs. Change Do early periods of our life influence development and is later development directly related to earlier development (Piaget)
What is a Schema Cognitive structures help understand the world around us
What is assimilation They reinforce our schemas
What is accommodation If something doesn't make. sense like the penguin example, then we have to accommodate our new information
What are Piagets 4 stages of Cognitive Development Sensorimotor, Preopperational, Concrete Operational
Whats the sensorimotor stage 0-2yrs and the child is taking in new information through their senses They begin to develop schemas
Whats object permeance Objects will remain permanent even if they can't see it
Whats the pre operational stage Children are able to think through a situation without doing it Can finally use language and words
Whats egoocentric thinking Centered on e the child is not capable of thinking beyond themselves and they can't understand other peoples perspectives
What is concrete thinking Can think logically and can do step by step problems
Whats a cross sectional study Number of people of different ages at a point in time and the differences are noted
What is a longitudinal Study Assessing same participants multiple times over a lengthy period of time
Whats nature Biological Inheritance
Whats Nurture Environmental and Social Experiences
Whats resilience A persons ability to recover from or adapt to difficult times
Whats the first stage of conception Germinal
Whats the second stage of conception Embryotic
Whats the third stage of conception Fetal
What can cause birth defects to the unborn child Teratogen
Whats a preterm infant Born 37weeks after conception
What is preferential looking technique that involves giving an infant a choice of what object to look at
Cognitive Development Thought, intelligence, and language processes change
What did piaget believe bout children cognitive development he believed that children actively construct their cognitive world as they go through stages
Whats the formal operational stage (11-15) Can make predictions Can use logicHypothetical thinking
Whats effortful control controlling arousal and not easily upset
Whats inhibition being shy and distressed in unfamiliar situations
What is infant attachment close emotional bond between infant and caregiver
What is secure attachment infants use caregiver as a secure base from which to explore the environment
What is insecure attachment avoidant and anxious they may not notice the mother gone and anxious is intense distress only to reggae at the mom when she returns
Socioemotial Development who came up with it? Erik Erikson
What is an authoritarian parent Strict parentLittle verbal interaction Limits and controls the child
What is an authoritative parent (My parents) Encourages the child to e independent but still place limits and controls the behavior
What is a neglectful parent Lack of parental involvement
What is a permissive parent Few limits Their child can do whatever it wants
What was Kohlbergs theories Preconventional, Conventional, and Postconventional
What is pre conventional Moral reasoning based on consequences of behavior and punishments
What is conventional Abides by standards learned from parents
What is post conventional individuals recognizes and develops a personal moral code
What is prosocial behavior Behavior that is intended to benefit other people
Whats the cellular clock theory cells can divide about 100x as we age our cells become less capable of dividing
What is free-radical theory people age because of unstable oxygen molecules are produced inside their cells
Hormonal stress theory Aging in the bodies hormonal system can lower resistance to stress and increase the likelihood of disease
What are defense mechanisms Tactics the ego uses to reduce anxiety
Repression Ego pushes unacceptable impulses out of awareness
Rationalization Ego replaces a less acceptable motive with a more acceptable on e
Displacement Ego shifts feelings toward an unacceptable object to another more acceptable one
Sublimation Ego replaces an unacceptable impulse with a socially acceptable one
Projection Ego attributes personal short comings, problems, and faults to others
Reaction Ego transforms an unacceptable motive into its opposite
Denial Ego refuses to acknowledge anxiety producing realities
Regression Ego seeks security of an earlier developmental period in the face of stress
What was Horney approach Believed that the need for security, not sex is the prime motive in human existence
What was Jungs approach Collection unconsciousness: Jungs term for impersonal deepest layer of unconscious mind
What are Archetypes Emotionally laden ideas and images that have symbolic meaning
Anima Passive feminine side
Animus Assertive masculine side
Persona Public mask we all wear during social interactions
What was adlers individual psychology people are motivated by purposes or goals
What is compensation Individuals attempt to overcome imagined or real inferiorities or weaknesses by developing ones own abilities
What is the humanistic perspectives Stress a persons capacity for personal growth and positive human qualities
What is Maslows Approach Self Actualizers: Motivation to develop ones full potential as a human being
What os Rogers Approach Unconditional Positive regard: Means being accepted, valued, and treated positively regardless of ones behavior
What are the conditions of worth Are the standards we must live up to in order to receive positive regard
What were Murrays 3 uncuncoius needs need for achievementneed for affiliation need for power
What is a type A behavior pattern A cluster of characteristics such as competitive, hardworking, impatient, and hostile
What is a Type B behavior patterns Relaxed and easy going
What is a Type D behavior pattern Generally distressed, frequently experience negative emotions and socially inhibited

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