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Term Definition
Discretionary Income money to spend freely.
40s and 50s the largest age group in both North America and Europe.
Goal a desired objective that helps one to focus and define what path their career will take.
Establish a long-term goal, determine short-term goals, create a plan, and review the four steps of formulating a goal.
Resume a one or two-page outline that lists one's educational history, work experience, additional skills, and achievements.
Personal data, educational background, additional training, previous employment, special skills or areas of expertise, special awards or recognitions, references, interests, and objective the features of a resume.
Cover Letter the "personality piece" of a resume that offers a brief summary of why one wants to be employed and a brief description of skills and qualities.
Visualization the act of forming a mental image of success.
Personal appearance, the application, punctuality, technical and communication skills, and personal qualities the aspects which affect an interview.
Personal comfort level (physically and emotionally) with the surroundings the most important factor when choosing a work environment.
Size of the skin care center the last important factor when choosing a work environment.
Compensation Package a salary plus benefits which would normally cost the employee money.
Salary/commission, sales commission, paid holidays, sick days, insurance benefits, retirement plan, opportunities for travel, opportunities for advancement, educational seminars and programs the features of a skin care-related Compensation Package.
Performance Review a review of one's job performance that happens regularly at intervals.
Networking developing relationships with people who can put someone in contact with potential customers or employers.
Customer Service personal attention to the needs of the client and a willingness to show concern for his or her personal well-being.
True True or false: statistically, it is much easier to keep a client than it is to find new clients.
Marketing creating awareness of a product or service.
Referral the term for when clients tell their friends about your services.
Request when referred people contact the skin care center and ask for you.
Communication, sharing knowledge, having common goals, and helping others the keys to positive work relationships with your co-workers.
Rebook "pre-book"; the act of a client scheduling future appointments with the same skin care technician.
Retailing recommending and providing the best products for client purchase.
Features a product's characteristics. Pertains to what is in the product.
Benefits the results which a product produces. Pertains to what the product does.
Customizing finding the appropriate product to fit the needs of the client.
Cross-selling building on a sale by recommending a product which complements products that the client already possesses.
Need a want or necessity; a motivation for some buyers. Includes clients with specific skin types.
Creating Need making clients aware of products that can benefit them.
Profit gain; a motivation for some buyers. People want to believe that they are making intelligent purchases.
Impulse Buying making a spur-of-the-moment decision to buy something. Exacerbated by advertising. Makes up 45% to 65% of all purchases.
Ready Buyer a type of buyer who has an open mind and takes chances on new products with no hesitation. Keep buyer aware of new products.
Logical Buyer a type of buyer who wants to be well-informed about a product and thinks carefully about buying without regards to the product's popularity. Explain what a product does and supply with literature.
Emotional Buyer a type of buyer who bases purchases more on personal reasons than facts. Describe the benefits of the product on the skin and demonstrate it for the client.
Bargain Buyer a type of buyer who wants to save money and concentrates on price rather than quality. Keep aware of sale items and promotions.
Stubborn Buyer a type of buyer who enjoys debating with you. Wants to know all the facts and the results. Give literature or give a sample.
False True or False: running a lot sales promotions can heighten the perceived value of a product.
Stock the total merchandise kept on hand for future use by a merchant, commercial establishment, warehouse, or manufacturer.
Stock Inventory a detailed, itemized list, report, or record of items; a periodic survey of all goods and materials in stock.
Shelf-talkers product identification cards placed near products on display shelves.
Comparison Shopping the act of visiting competitors' businesses to compare their business practices to your own.

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