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num var and exp

Question Answer
Variable a symbol used to represent a number
variable expression an expression that contains one or more variables
evaluate substitute a given number for a variable
numerical expression the result of changing the variable with the given number
Value what the variable expression equals after substituting in the number and performing the actions
Simplify finding the value of the numerical expression
Power An expression that represents repeated multiplication of the same factor
Base The number or expression that is used as a factor in a repeated multiplication
Exponent The number or variable that represents the number of times the base of a power is used as a factor
Integer The numbers consisting of negative numbers, zero, and positive numbers
Negative Integer Numbers less than 0
Positive Integer Numbers more than 0
Sequence An arrangement of numbers according to a pattern
Term Each number in a sequence
Function A correspondence or relationship that pairs each member of a given set with exactly one member of another set
Function rule The description of the function
pictograph A graph that uses pictures to represent information and data
Bar Graph A graph that displays data with either horizontal or vertical bars
Line Graphs A graph that show trends in data, or changes in data over periods of time
Circle Graphs A graph that shows individual parts of data within a whole circle

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