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New Jersey 2

Question Answer
Appalachian ridge and valley part of the Appalachian mountain chain
Highest point in the state high point
where is high point on the kittatiny mountains
New Jersey Highlands East of the Appalachian mountains1,000 feet above sea levelflat topped rock ridgeslarge lakes and rivers
what lakes are in the NJ highlands lake Hopatcong and mustcanetcong river
where is long valley located New Jersey Highlands
What does piedmont mean at the foot of the mountain
where is the piedmont plain? base of the Appalachian mountains
Where are most of NJ's major cities piedmont plain
what are the 4 regions .Appalachian Ridge and Valley.New Jersey Highlands.Piedmont Plain.Atlantic Coastal Plain
What is the largest natural region Atlantic Coastal Plain
What is the atlantic coastal plain made up of? inner and outer coastal plains
Which plain is rich with fertile soil? the inner coastal plain
What name do we get from the inner coastal plain's rich fertile soil? "The Garden State"

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