flash cards


Question Answer
Commander and chief of armed forces President Donald trump
Vice President of usa Mike pence
Secretary of State Hon Rex w Tillerson
Secretary of defense James Mattis (mad dog mattis )
Chairman joint chief of staff Joseph dunford
Secretary of air Force Deborah lee James
Chief of staff United stayed Air Force Gen David L goldfien
Chief master sergeant of Air Force Kaleth o wright
Commander Air education&training command Gen David L Robertson
Commander holm center Gen Steven D Garland
Director of jr rotc Lesa Juday
Governor of Maryland Larry hogan
Us senators from md Chris van Holland & Ben Cardin
Congressman Sterny hoyer
Superintended of Charles county schools Kimberly hill
Principal of Henry E lackey Hon Kathy perriello
Senior aero space science instructor Col lesa juday
Aero space science instructor Chief castellano
Group commander Dream Washington
Alpha squadron commander Ommoni berry
Bravo squadron commander Tierra cooks
Flight commander 2nd Lieutenant Vicente smith
Flight sergeant Cadet master sergeant Riley Carroll

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