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Muscles: quiz1

Question Answer
Obicularis oculi O: frontal and maxillaryI: tissue of the eyelidA: close eyes
Zygomaticus O: zygomatic boneI: corner of mouthA: raise corners of mouth (smile)
Risorius O: facial of muscleI:skin at angle of mouth A: draws corner of lip laterally
Depressor labii inferioris O: mandibleI: skin and muscle of lower lipA: draws lower lip inferiorly
Orbicularis oris O: maxilla and mandibleI: into muscles and skin at angles of mouthA: closed lips
Buccinator O: maxilla and mandibleI: obicularis orisA: compresses cheek
Masseter O: zygomatic arch and maxillaI: angle and ramus of mandibleA: prime mover of jaw closure
Temporalis O: temporal fossaI: coranoid process of mandibleA: closed jaw
Pterygoids O: Shpenoid, palantine, and maxillary I: MandibleA: aides in grinding movements
Platysma O: fascia of chestI: lower margin of mandibleA: tenses skin of neck
Sternocleidomastoid O: manubriumbof sternum and clavicleI: temporal and occipital boneA: flexion of the neck forward and rotate head toward shoulder on opposite side
Scalenes O: Transverse process of cervical neckI: anterolaterally on ribsA: elevate ribs

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