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mesopotamian mespotamin

Term Definition
What modern countries can be found where Mesopotamia was once located? Kirkuk,Baghdad,Ramadi,Edible
Describe the Geography of Mesopotamia? A river and a lot of mountains
A river and a lot of mountains A region/a place
What two bodies of water go through the Fertile Crescent? Tigris and Euphrates river
What do the two rivers leave on the land to help crops grow? silt
Explain the importance of the rivers to the development of society in Mesopotamia? It would help their crops grow not only with the water but also with the silt as a fertilizer
What forms of irrigation were used in Mesopotamia? Punishments justice and torture
What was a ziggurat? A place on top of the temple in the middle of the city where the god of that city town would live
What is a merchant? Some one that sells things or materials also trades and even travels to trade
What is a division of labor(specialization)? slaves
Where was Hammurabi king and what is he known for? In mesopotamia and bringing the code of Hammurabi that was given to him by the sun god shamash.
What is a city-state? The city's back in mesopotamia/ what they would call state and they always a there own god watching over them.
Explain why this region was called Mesopotamia, yet no one called themselves Mesopotamian? Because it was in the fertile crescent and then they slowly after one guy did called himself mesopotamians that lived in mesopotamia
What is Cuneiform? it was a form of writiing
Describe some accomplishments or inventions from Mesopotamia? The wheel the hammurabi code the seeder plow,cuneiform,the calendar

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