flash cards

literary element

Term Definition
figurative language writing or speech not meant to be take llitey
tone the author attidude
conflict stuggle of opposing forces
flash back earlier time
foreshadowing hint of what to come
personfitiom giving nonhuman human abilities
paradox a statement the that seem to be contradictory but that actually the truth
motif recurring idea
imagery descriptive detail that appeal to five sense
metaphor a comparison between two unlike thing
symbolism an object that stand for represent something else with deeper meaning
alliteration repetition of initial sound
mood the feeling in the reader by the work or passage
hyperbole a deliberate exaggeration
onomatopiea the use of words to imitate sound
oxymoron a figure of speech that put together two opposite or contradictory idea
characterization act creating or developing a character
point of view a perspective from which the story is told
simile using like and as
setting time place and social issues of action of work
dilemma a situation in which a character choose between two undesirable action
style writter way of writtiny
irony the difference between what is expected to happen then what really happen
allusion refernce to well known person place event
theme insight of life

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