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Irregular Plurals Common Irregular Plurals

Question Answer
a ae
ch ches
eau eaux
ex ices
f ves
ie ice
ion a
is es
ix ices
no vowel before y ies
o oes
s ses
sh shes
ss sses
um a
us i
vowel before y ys
x xes
xe xes
addendum addenda (um > a)
aircraft aircraft (no change)
alga algae (a > ae)
amoeba amoebae (a > ae)
analysis analyses (is > es)
antenna antennae (a > ae)
apex apexes (x > xes)
apparatus apparatuses (s > ses)
appendix appendices (ix > ices)
aquarium aquaria (um > a)
arch arches (ch > ches)
atlas atlases (s > ses)
axe axes (x or xe > xes)
axis axes (is > es)
baby babies (no vowel before y > ies)
bacterium bacteria (um > a)
basis bases (is > es)
batch batches (sh > shes OR ch > ches)
beau beaux (eau > eaux)
berry berries (no vowel before y > ies)
bison bison (no change)
brush brushes (sh > shes OR ch > ches)
buffalo buffaloes (o > oes)
bureau bureaux (eau > eaux)
bus buses (s > ses)
cactus cacti (us > i)
calf calves (f > ves)
chateau chateaux (eau to eaux)
cherry cherries (no vowel before y > ies)
child children (irregular)
church churches (sh > shes OR ch > ches)
circus circuses (s > ses)
city cities (no vowel before y > ies)
cod cod (no change)
codex codices (ex > ices)
copy copies (no vowel before y > ies)
crisis crises (is > es)
criterion criteria (ion > a)
curriculum curricula (um > a)
daisy daisies (no vowel before y > ies)
datum data (um > a)
deer deer (no change)
diagnosis diagnoses (is > es)
die dice (ie > ice)
domino dominoes (o > oes)
dwarf dwarves (f > ves)
echo echoes (o > oes)
elf elves (f > ves)
embargo embargoes (o > oes)
faux pas faux pas (no change)
fax faxes (x or xe > xes)
fireman firemen (irregular)
fish fish (no change)
flush flushes (sh > shes OR ch > ches)
fly flies (no vowel before y > ies)
focus focuses (s > ses)
foot feet (oo to ee)
formula formulae/formulas (a > ae)
fox foxes (x or xe > xes)
fungus fungi (us > i)
goose geese (oo to ee)
grouse grouse (no change)
half halves (f > ves)
hero heroes (o > oes)
hippopotamus hippopotami (us > i)
hoax hoaxes (x or xe > xes)
hoof hooves (f > ves)
hypothesis hypotheses (is > es)
index indexes (x or xe > xes)
kiss kisses (s > ses)
knife knives (f > ves)
lady ladies (no vowel before y > ies)
larva larvae (a > ae)
leaf leaves (f > ves)
life lives (fe > ves)
loaf loaves (f > ves)
locus loci (us > 1)
louse lice (ouse to ice)
man men (irregular)
mango mangoes (o > es)
matrix matrixes (x or xe > xes)
means means (no change)
medium media (um > a)
memorandum memoranda (um > a)
mess messes (ss > sses)
millennium millennia (um > a)
monkey monkeys (vowel before y add s)
moose moose (no change)
mosquito mosquitoes (o > es)
motto mottoes (o > es)
mouse mice (ouse to ice)
nanny nannies (no vowel before y > ies)
neurosis neuroses (is > es)
nucleus nuclei (us > i)
oasis oases (is > es)
octopus octopi (us > i)
offspring offspring (no change)
ox oxen (x > xen)
paralysis paralyses (is > es)
pass passes (ss > sses)
passerby passersby (irregular)
penny pennies (y > ies)
person people (irregular)
phenomenon phenomena (> a)
photo photos (NOT o > es)
piano pianos (NOT o > es)
plateau plateaux (uu > aux)
poppy poppies (no vowel before y > ies)
potato potatoes (o > oes)
prognosis prognoses (is > es)
quiz quizzes (z > zzes)
radius radii (us > i)
referendum referenda (um > a)
reflex reflexes (x or xe > xes)
runner-up runners-up
salmon salmon (no chnage)
scarf scarves (f > ves)
scissors scissors (no change)
scratch scratches (sh > shes OR ch > ches)
self selves (f > ves)
series series (no change)
sheaf sheaves (f > ves)
sheep sheep (no change)
shelf shelves (f > ves)
shrimp shrimp (no change)
species species (no change)
splash splashes (sh > shes OR ch > ches)
spy spies (no vowel before y > ies)
stimulus stimuli (us > i)
stitch stitches (no vowel before y > ies)
story stories (no vowel before y > ies)
stratum strata (um > a)
swine swine (no change)
syllabus syllabi (us > i)
synopsis synopses (is > es)
synthesis syntheses (is > es)
tableau tableaus (eau > eaux)
tax taxes (x or xe > xes)
that those (irregular)
thesis theses (is > es)
thief thieves (f > ves)
this these (irregular)
tomato tomatoes (o > oes)
tooth teeth (oo to ee)
tornado tornadoes (o > oes)
torpedo torpedoes (o > oes)
trout trout (no change)
try tries (no vowel before y > ies)
tuna tuna (no change)
vertex vertexes (x or xe > xes)
veto vetoes (o > oes)
volcano volcanoes (o > oes)
vortex vortexes (x or xe > xes)
waltz waltzes (z > zes)
wharf wharves (f to ves)
wife wives (fe > ves)
wolf wolves (f to ves)
woman women (irregular)
zero zeroes (o > oes)

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