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Ignition A

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The coil is part of Both primary and scendary
Parts of primary circuit Battery and charging system, primary ignition switch, ignition coil primary windings, ignition trigger and module, sensor and ground source
Parts of a secondary circuit Ignition coil secondary winding, spark plug, spark plug wire,
Parts of a Hall effect sensor Permanent magnet Semiconductor chipRotating trigger wheel Schmitt trigger
When the vane or shutter is between the semiconductor chip and magnet No voltage
When the window is between the semiconductor chip and the magnet Voltage flows
How many wires are an AC generator 2
How many wires are in the hall effect sensor and what kind of signal does it produce 3 wires DC signal
Parts of the hall effect sensor Requires reference voltage permanent magnet rotating trigger wheel semi conductor chip
What is a saturated coil When a magnetic field in the coil has reached it's maximum
The 360A° slots on optical sensor or what kind of resolution High resolution
4 types of ignition trigger device ACgeneratorHall effectswitch magneto resistive sensor optical sensor
What controls dwell Ignition modules
PCM input TPSMApMAF knock sensor engine speed coolant and air temperature
What is a knock sensor Senses detonation AC. PEZ electric crystal
Four characteristics of a spark plug Flatter taperedPlug reach or threadsHeat range and gap
Spar plugs lose most of the heat through The threads
Longer or extended tip is better at idle and cruise Hotter spark plugs
better at high speeds and high loads Colder spark plug
Distance from the tip to the body is where Most heat is lost on the spark plug threads
Too cold of a spark plug will cause Foul
Too hot of a spark plug will cause Pre-ignition or detonation
Extended mileage spark plugs have Precious metals so they last longer
Double platinum spark plugs are for what kind of system Waste
Why is there a resistor in a spark plug To absorb RFI or EFI also gives us a hotter spark
Why do we advance timing So the end cycle stops at the same time every time 23A°
Birth rpm increases then timing Increases
Combustion stroke ends at what degree 23A° a TDC
Burn rate is how many seconds .003
What are we doing when we are retarding time We are reducing the advance timing and protects the engine from damage
CKP crankshaft position determines what The crankshaft position and speed
How do we know a CKP has had a misfire It slows down
The CMP tells ignition module or pcm When the number one cylinder is on the compression stroke also used to synchronize the fuel injector
Waste spark plug, one coil fires 2 spark plugs in two cylinders
In a waste sparks system when is it fired When the piston richest top dead center tdc compression and tdc exhaust
When a spark plug jumps the gap what side has more damage The side electricity came from
It takes more voltage to jump the gap on the blank then the blank Compression side exhaust side
COP coil on plug have No wires
CNP coil near plug have wires
Hemmi engines have how many spark plugs for cylinder 2
Ckp. Crankshaft position sensor senses what Misfires determines crankshaft position speed synchronize is the engine in the electronics
Crankshaft position sensor's when there is a wide slot or missing tooth what does that mean The cylinder is at TDC top dead center
Recessed tip of the spark plug is used for Hi speed and high load
Extended tip of a spark plug is used for Idol and cruising

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