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Homework #4 Intel

Question Answer
What are the five BN size intel cells? combined arms and infantry, fires, brigade engineer, brigade support, cav squadron
What are the five elements of an MICO? WIMIU: weather team, intel and electronic warfare maintenance, multifunctional platoon, ICPLT, UAS PLT
What are the five elements of a BDE S2 section? BDE S2, CUOPS, S-2 plans, S-2X, SWO
What is a BISE and what does it consist of? brigade intelligence support element, combo of BCT S2 cell and MICO
What does a brigade intel cell do for the support BN? develop MSRs and ASRs
What are scout platoon planning considerations? DOLEO: operating distance from main body, over-tasking, limited engagement with enemy recon elements, engineer augmentation, dismounted capabilities limited
What are the five forms of reconnaissance? zone, area, route, special recon, reconnaissance in force
What are the seven fundamentals of reconnaissance? REDODGR: report information, ensure continuous recon, don't keep recon in reserves, orient on the recon objective, develop situation rapidly, gain and maintain enemy contact, retain freedom of maneuver
Recon planning four elements? FRET: focus, recon objective, engagement criteria, tempo of recon
Three steps in the IC cycle? establish technical channels and provide guidance, collect and report information, establish a mission intelligence briefing and debriefing program
What are the four parts of evaluating IC assets? VACS: availability, capability, sustainability, vulnerability
What are the three supporting tools for IC? IC matrix, CSM, IC overlay

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