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Hematology Final Exa

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What is the most useful corrective action for the microscope when fine details cannot be visualized in immature cells? Use 100x & open diaphragm
Which of the following behaviors is a violation of standard precautions? Not treating everyone as infected
Standards and calibrators differ from control materials because Standards are solutions that have a known amount of analyte and used to calibrate the instrument. Controls are used to monitor the performance after calibration
Proper mixing of samples and timely delivery of samples to the laboratory are both examples of what type of lab variables Pre analytical
A Delta check is a historical reference on samples run in the Laboratories. Once a sample fails a Delta check the most obvious corrective action is to Verify patient ID
Common examples of post analytic variables include? -Delta check-released results-critical results called -reflex testing indicated-specimen checked for clots
Error analysis, standard protocols, and turnaround time are all part of the QA
The average of a group with data points is defined as the Mean
What is the average M:E ratio for normal adult bone marrow 3:1-4:1
The key organs involved in extramedullary haemopoiesis include the Liver and spleen
Antibody coated red cells that have their antibodies stripped in the spleen usually reappear in the circulation as Spherocytes
A peripheral blood indicator of ineffective bone marrow is Lack of polychromasia
The hormone responsible for signaling red cell development in the bone marrow is EPO Erythropoietin
The preferable site for bone marrow aspiration and biopsy? Iliac crest
A Wright stained smear of a patient with a an elevated reticulocyte count should show Polychromasia
The erythrocyte stage that marks the beginning of hemo globalization is called Polychromatophilic normoblast
One of the key morphological features of the nucleated red cell stages is Around nucleus
The red cell protein that is responsible for the for deformability and flexibility of the red cell is Spectrin
Increased plasma cholesterol may lead to the development of which of these abnormal red cell morphologies Target cells
The hemoglobin molecule consists of 4 hemoglobin 4 Goblin chains4 iron-containing Hema groups
The basic pathophysiology of the thalassemic conditions is Decresed or absent globinchain synthesis
Asynchrony in the bone marrow is defined as Nuclear development and hemoglobin development that is unbalanced
Polychromatophilic macrocytes in the peripheral smear are defined as Reticulocytes
The Red Cell inclusion derived from denatured hemoglobin is Heinz bodies
The degree of effective erythropoitic activity in any hematological disorder is most readily assessed by the Reticulocyte count
When hemolysis is produced by intravascular fragmentation of red cells which Red Cell morphology will be produced Schistocyte
Reversible sickled cells are described as having a Half Moon with rounded end
The last nucleated stage of erythrocytic maturation is Orthochromicnormoblast
What percentage of hemoglobin is synthesized in the reticulocyte stage
Epsilon and Zeta chains are part of which of the hemoglobins? Portland
Fetal hemoglobin consists of which chains? 2 Alpha 2 gammaHgb F A2 Y2
The hemoglobin molecule will either hold onto or release oxygen depending on Relationship between pulmonary and venous circulation
Which of the following abnormal hemoglobins will result in a cyanotic condition? Methemoglobin (M)
How many genes are responsible for the production of alpha chains 2
Which clinical condition is a definitive sign of intravascular lysis Hemoglobinuria
Which organs are the most affected during extravascular lysis Spleen and liver
Storage iron is usually determined by the Serum ferritin level
In addition to iron ingestion over 90% of iron in adults that is used for erythropoiesis is obtained through Recycling of iron
The first stage of iron deficiency anemia is termed Iron depletion
The alpha thalassemic condition that is incompatible with life is Barts hydrops fetalis
Which conclusion is associated with a pitted golf ball Hemoglobin H inclusion
Failure to thrive, bossed skull , severe anemia and splenomegaly are all symptoms of which of the following disorders Thalassemia Major
One of the greatest clinical problems for individuals with thalassemia major is Iron overload
On electrophoresis the majority hemoglobin for individuals with thalassemia major is Hgb F
An appropriate M:E ratio in the case of Megablastic anemia would be 1:3
Which morphological features is class in and the megablastic anemia ls Macroovalocytes
Ineffective erythropoiesis is defined as The destruction of RBC precursors
Spherocytes do not function well in the splenic environment because the Osmotic environment of the spherocytes is impaired
Cholelitgiasis is a frequent complication of patients with hereditary spherocytosis because Chronic hemolysis causes gallstones to form
Spherocytes differ from normal cells *Decrease central pallor*Decreased resistance to hypotonic saline*Decreased to surface ratio
The RBC inclusions that are composed of denatured hemoglobin are called Heinz bodies
Red sells that are to malaria, rigid, ans spoon shaped are termed Southeast asian ovalocytosis
One of the least severe clinical manifestations of G6PD deficiency is Congenital non-spherocytic hemolytic anemia
And anemia that manifest as decreased marrow cellularity, cytopenias in two cellular elements, and a reticulocytopenia is appreciately termed Aplastic anemia
The hemoglobin variant that is seen frequently in the Southeast Asian population it shows a microcytic picture and migrates with Hgb C at pH 8.6 is Hgb E
Patient with sickle cell anemia may develop cardiopulmonary disease due to High blood viscosity
Autosplenectomy is characteristic of Aplastic
When the bone marrow temporarily ceases to produce cells in a sickle cell patient a ______crisis has occurred Aplastic
Sickle cell disease is best differentiated from sickle cell trait by Hemoglobin electrophoresis
Which of the poikilocytes is classically associated with hemoglobinopathies and liver disease Target cells
Which is the best test to assess the bomb arrows response to anemic stress
Which is the best test to assess the bone marrow response to anemic stress Retic count
The hemolytic anemias are generally classified morphologically as Normochromic and normocyte
Painful swelling of hands and feet caused by Sickle Cell in the microcirculation of Sickle cells infants is termed Dactylitis
The hemoglobin at that cannot be separated from Hgb S through electrophoresis and buffer at pH 8.6 is Hgb D
Lymphocyte concentrations in peripheral blood are greatest during what age interval Immediately after birth
The marinating pool neutrophils is located Along the vessel endothelium
Which CD markers are associated with the myelocyte CD 45 CD 33 CD13
One of the primary glands in the infant responsible for lymphocyte origination is the Thumus
The initial appearance of specific granulation in the granulocyte series is predominantly seen in the Myelocyte
The amount of time and granulocytes spends in the circulation before migrating into the tissues is normally 48 hours
An automated hematology what is the definition of the data check? comparison of lab report to historical date
Features of lymphatic system Blood filtration, antibody generation, lymphopoiesis
Osponization of neutrophils is defined as Preparing for an bodies for phagocytosis
A white cell disorder that presents with a low white cell count, thrombocytopenia, and a mulberry like inclusions in the moncytes is Human ehrilichiosis
Which mechanisms are usually associated with neutropenia Decrease production in the BM- Impaired released from the BM and increased destruction
An autosomal disorder that manifests itself with large lysosomal inclusions, recurring infections and albinism is Chediak Higashi sydrome
The best corrective action to take for a patient who exhibits platelet satellitism in their peripheral blood smear is to Redraw the sample in a sodium citrate tube
A patient who has persistent leukocytosis, Dohl bodies and in evaluated LAP score most likely has Leukomoid reaction
A patient with AML is likely to have a title chemical panel that is positive for MPO, SBB, Specific Esterase
The monoclonal maker that is often positive in T-ALL is APL Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia
Acute leukemic are marked by Rapid on set anemia, thrombocytopenia
Which of the following is characteristic of Auer rods? Composed of fused primary granuales
Which CD marker best represents the earliest progenitor cells? CD 34
Acute leukemia is characterized by what percentage of blasts? Hypercellular BM with > 20% blast
Pure erythroid leukemia is defined as Erythroid precursor greater than 80%
Tyrosine kinase is an important mediator in leukocyte to metabolic pathways because it suppresses Apoptosis
A term describing a peripheral blood finding of leukocytosis with a shift to the left a company by occupational nucleated red cells and accompanied by occasional nucleated red cells and platelets abnormalities is Leukoerythroblastic
The Accelerated phase of chronic myeloid leukemia is marked by Increase basophils
Myocardial infarctions, transient ischemic attacks and deep vein thrombosis are more likely to be complications of PV Polycythemia
Eat Right app is a characteristic of myeloid fibrosis with myeloid metaplasia due to Increased infiltration of fibrotic elements fibrous BM
What effect does the Ph chromosome have on the prognosis of patient with chronic myelocytic leukemia Better if pH chromosome is present

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