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government and econ

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What does a government do? 1. Make and enforce laws.2.regulate business and trade3.provide aid to people 4.help shape the culture, economy, and daily lives in an country
many countries have ________ governments Democratic
a form of government in which the people elect leaders and rule by majority. some work to protect the freedoms and rights of their people. while some restrict the rights and freedoms. A democracy
Give example of a democracy government United states, Great Britain, France.
name the tree branches of government Judicial, executive, legislative.
what does is judicial branch jobs they interpret the laws. (supreme court)
what is the executive branch jobs it the president
what is the legislative branch jobs They make the laws (congress) 2 senates per state. 435 house of representatives.
one of the oldest types of government that is directly ruled by a king/queen. Monarchy
give an example of a Monarchy government Saudi, Arabia, Norway, Spain
when a single person has total power , called a dictator, have few rights. an have no say in their own government Totalitarianism government.
give an example of a totalitarianism government Libya, Iran, Sudan
a political system in which the government owns all property and dominates all aspects of life in a country.. the leaders are chosen by the communist party or by communist leaders. the people have redistricted rights and very little freedom a communism government
give a example of a communism government. china, North Korea ( bet you got that wrong)
true or false; the world community works together to solve conflicts and crises True
because of globalization the world seems _____________ Smaller
What happens in one part of the world can effect ________________ The entire planet
the world community works together to___________________________ among countries in times of conflict and crisis Promote cooperation
an organization of the worlds countries that promotes peace and security around the globe The united Nation (UN)
assistance to people in distress humanitarian aid
someone that uses a product Consumer
Someone that makes a product Producer.
with scarcity there is always a next best choice that a producer could have made, an improvement that could have been made is_____________ ( the difference in what was made and what could have been made) Opportunity cost
the impact of an activity( positive or negative) on the well being of a third party Spillovers
give a example over a spillover and if is helpful and harmful Education- HelpfulPollution- Harmful
the ___________________ is based on 3 questions used to make the best use of limited productive resources to satisfy human wants Basic Economy Problem (BEP)
what goods and services will be produced, How will the goods and services be produced, who will consume the goods and services are example of what Basic Economy Problems (BEP)
people who earn a living by providing raw materials or natural resources to others. Give examples Primary industry ex. farming fishing farming, timberers
people who use natural resources or raw material to manufacture other products. give examples Secondary industryex. automobile manufacturers (use steel) chair/desk makers (use wood)
people who exchange goods and services. give examples Tertiary industry ex .healthcare
people who work with information rather than goods and often specialized with these knowledge and skills Quaternary industry
a system in which people grow their own food and make their own goods. they exchange goods without the use of money. often found in rural and remote communities Traditional economy
A system based on private ownership, free trade,and competition. individuals and businesses are free to buy and sell whatever they wish. Market economy
S system in which the central government makes all of the economic decisions. the government decides what goods to produce, how much to produce, and what the prices will be. command economy
A system in which a traditional, market, and command economy are all in their lives. Mixed economy
The value of all the goods and services produced within a country in a single year gross domestic product(GDP)
describes the money spent in a year per person GDP per capita

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