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Geography Terms 20 Geography Terms for Five Themes Unit

Term Definition
geography the study of Earth and its peoples, places, and environments
spatial Earth's features in terms of their places, shapes, and relationships to one another
landscape a portion of the Earth's surface that can be viewed at one time and from one location
relative location describes where a place is relative to another place
absolute location the exact location of something
latitude lines on a map that run east to west, but measure distance in a north to south direction
Equator a line of latitude that runs around the middle of the Earth
longitude lines on a map that run north to south, but measure distance in an east to west direction
Prime Meridian the starting point for measuring longitude
region a group of places that are close to one another and share some characteristics
environment the natural surroundings of a place
landform the shape and nature of the land
climate the average weather in a place over a long period of time
resource materials that can be used to produce crops or other products
hemisphere each half of Earth
compass rose the feature on a map that shows direction
scale the relationship between distances on the map and on Earth
elevation the measurement of how much above or below sea level a place is
relief the difference between the elevation of one feature and the elevation of another feature near it
technology any way that scientific discoveries are applied topractical use

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