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Question Answer
Claimed land for France; discovered Oregon Sir Francis Drake
7 cities of Gold; Discovered Grand Canyon Francisco Coronado
Wrote book that influenced other explorers; Kick started the Age of Exploration Marco Polo
First to New World; thought he was in Asia Christopher Columbus
Thrown off boat by crew members; discovered bay and river near New York Henry Hudson
Sailed the tip of Africa Bartholomeu Dias
Explored the Mississippi River Hernando De Soto
Sailed around the tip of Africa and on to India Vasco Da Gama
Founded Quebec for France Samuel de Champlain
His crew was first to sail around the world Ferdinand Magellan
Founded Florida; did not find Fountain of Youth Juan Ponce de Leon
Mapped out North and South America Amerigo Vespucci
Conquered the Inca Nation Pizarro

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