flash cards

Etapa Preliminar

Question Answer
Lunes Monday
Martes Tuesday
Jueves Thursday
enero January
Nieva It's snowing
Hace fresco It's hot
Llueve It's raining
Hace buen tiempo The weather is nice
Otono n has a tilde Winter
Hace viento It's windy
Cuanto es? (Accent mark on a) How much does it cost
Que tal? E accent mark How are things/you
Buenos Dias (accent mark over I) Good morning
Buenos tardes Good afternoon
Buenos Noches Good evening
Cuarenta 40
Cincuenta 50
Sesenta 60
Setenta 70
Noventa 90
Diez y seis 16
Diez y siete 17
Diez y ocho 18
Diez y nueve 19
Treinta 30

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