Essay writing process and tips

The 10 step writing process

How do you write an essay? What steps do you need to take to produce a ‘finished’ piece of writing? There is a 10 steps writing process that you can follow, to help you produce a finished essay. Complete the activities below to learn the 10 steps for writing a successful essay.

How to write an essay

This section will go through how to write an essay based on the 10 step process. It will model the process, taking you through the main stages.

Practice example

Write a 700 word essay on the following topic.

English will eventually become the dominant world language

The pre-draft stages

The following processes make up the pre-draft stages.

  • Analyse the topic
  • Brainstorm
  • Preliminary plan
  • Reading on the topic
  • Refine your plan

This initial work allows you to think about, research and develop a plan for your essay. By completing this part of the process, you will find it easier to write my essay.

Step 1 – Analyse the topic

Before you start your essay you need to understand what the essay is actually asking. To do this, you need to identify the keywords. The keywords define and refine what has to be answered in your essay.

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