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Culture Unit Test

Term Definition
Culture The way of life shared by a group of people
Customs Special practices that are common to one group of people
Traditions Customs that survive one generation to the next
Technology The scientific knowledge and tools available to a culture
Beliefs What a culture thinks to be true; what a culture believes in
Values Beliefs about what is good, desirable, and worth holding on to
Social Structure The way in which people in a culture are organized into small groups
Family Patterns The way that families are set up in a culture
Education Teachings to people about religion, math, history, etc.
Recreation Things that cultures do for fun
Government Person or group of people who create laws, make decisions, and collect taxes
Economy A system for producing, distributing , and consuming goods and services
Basic Needs Things all cultures need to survive
Language A culture's system of reading, writing , and speaking
Art A culture's way of expressing/representing themsleves
Literature Reading

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