flash cards

Chp.7 test vocab

Term Definition
ally a person or group that work together to accomplish a goal.
congress a group of representatives who meet to discuss a subject.
rebellion a fight against an authority figure or establishment.
proclamation an official statement
tax money people pay to the government in exchange for services
smuggling importing goods illegally
liberty freedom from being controlled by another government
protest is an event when people complain about an issue
boycott when people refuse to buy, sell, or use a product
repeal cancel a law
massacre the killing of many people
correspondence written communication
quarter to give people clothes and shelter
delegate someone who is chosen to speak and act for others
Patriot colonists who oppose British law.
militia a group of ordinary people who train for battle
minutemen militia with special training and could be ready for war in a minute.
commander an officer in charge of a army
petition a written request from a number of people.

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