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How do you find the atomic mass of an element? add the protons and neutrons
What is a compound? 2 or more elements are combined to make a new substance
What is an element? a substance that cannot be changed into another substance
What do the elements sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorous and bromine have in common? they are nonmetals
Where are the nonmetals found on the periodic table, (what are the bordering elements around them)? 5-2, 13-18, 31-36, 49-54, 81-86, 113-118
Which class of elements best conducts electricity? metals
Why would cobalt be placed before nickel on the periodic table? nickel has 1 more proton than cobalt
Where are the metals located on the periodic table, (what are the bordering elements around them) ? 21-30, 39-48, 72-80, 104-112
What is a chemical property and a physical property? chemical properties create a different substancephysical properties only change the shape or size of a substance
Draw and label an atom make sure to know that the nucleus houses the protons and neutrons and the shells house the electrons
Draw and label a bohr model for lithium 2 shell, 3 protons, 4 neutrons
What is an ionic bond? a bond that is formed by taking electrons from another atom (happens between metals and nonmetals)
What is a covalent bond? a bond that is formed by sharing electrons from another atom (happens between nonmetals)
How many different elements are in NaCO? What elements are they? 3 Na=sodium C=carbon O=oxygen
What is a chemical change? a change in the chemical makeup of an element. (this will result in an object totally changing into something else).
What is a physical change? a change that affects the size and shape of an object
What does balancing a chemical equation show us about matter? It goes along with the Law of Conservation of Mass that states that matter cannot be created or destroyed.
How are the elements arranged on the periodic table? # of protons
What is an atom? the smallest part of an element

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