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Chapter one History of massage

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Ayurveda India: "code of life" and includes massage practices
Asclepius god of medicine, son of Apollo (god of healing, truth, and prophecy)
hi-pok-ruh-teez recognized as the father of Western Medicine
Samhitas Most important ayurvedic texts
Aulus Celsus first medical historian and wrote "de medicina" bridges the gap between greek and roman medicine.
when was ABMP(Associated Bodywork and massage professionals) established 1987
ABMP (Associated Bodywork And Massage Professionals) members 70,000 with no state chapters
Dr. Tiffany field from university of miami school of medicine Touch research institute 1992 known more for working on premature babies
Pehr Henrik Ling Father of Swedish massage, developed medical/Swedish gymnastic Swedish movement cure.
Pehr Philosopy influencing movement the body overcomes discomfort that has arisen through abnormal conditions
Johann Mezger Who made massage a fundamental part of physical rehab created French terminology
Taylor brothers who introduces Sweedish Massage and Gymnastics to the us in 1856 George Henry and Charles Fayette
George Henry Who wroted first American text book on swedish Massage in 1860.
Hartvig Nissen Opened First US massage school in 1883 Swedish Health Institute for Cronic Diseases By Swedish Movements and Massage (washington dc)
John Harvey Kellogg Promoted Massage to the general public rather than medical practitioners
Professionalization and Standardization Started in 1900s
AMTA (American Association of Masseurs) Crated in 1943 with 58,000 members with 51 chapters and 18 countries. they Elected their officials.
Author of Hygenia on Restoring Health and Therapeutic on Restoring Health….books that describe Baths, exercise, and massage. Timothy Bright
first to study phenomenon or muscular contraction. known for extensive anatomical dissections Giovanni Alfonso Borelli
William Harvey Explained blood circulation in animals is pumped by a heart through arteries and veins.
Massage Therapy body of Knowledge Released 2010 covers CompetenciesStandardsValues
Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge Created by stewardship group consisting of AMTAABMPFSMTBMTF NCBTMB
Massage therapy 19th century The manual and scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of establishing and maintaining health and promoting wellness.
bodyworks Describes any therapeutic and person self development practice
Massage important for its benefits reducing stressenhancing blood flowdeceasing pain promoting sleep reducing swelling enhancing relaxationincreasing blood oxygenation
Amma China, far back as 3000bc Chinese medicine too shape
Shiatsu Japan used amma for centuries evolved
Arte Gymnastica
Pehr He

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