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Chapter 8 Joints

Question Answer what is a joint? any point where 2 bones meet what are the 4 kinds of joints? bony, fibrous, cartilaginous, and synovial what is a bony joint? (aka a??synostosisa??) and immobile joint formed when the gap between 2 bones comes together and they become a single bone. examples of bony joints the mandible, epiphysis/diaphyses of long bones what are fibrous joints? (akaa??synarthosisa??) a point where adjacent bones are bound together by collagen fibers that penetrate both bones. **ONLY FOUND IN SKULL examples of fibrous joints sutures, gomphoses, and syndesomes what are sutures? immobile or only slightly movable fibrous joints that connects the bones of the skull to each other. **ONLY FOUND ON SKULL what are the 4 sutures? coronal, sagittal, lambdoid, and lateral what is a gomphoses? attachment of a tooth to its socket. **ONLY FOUND IN TOOSH AND SOCKET JOINTS what is a syndesmoses? a fibrous joint at which 2 bones are bound by relatively long collagenous fibers. allows more mobility than gomphoses and sutures. examples of syndesmoses interosseous membrane of the radius/ulna, tibia/fibula what are cartilaginous joints? 2 bones linked by cartilage. 2 types on cartilagious joints synchondroses and symphysis

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