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Chapter 5 Vocab Word

Question Answer
La beisbolista Baseball player
Golpear To hit(a ball)
La pelota Ball(baseball, tennis)
El campo de futbol Soccer field
El partido, A©l juego Game
Perder To lose
Ganar To win
Meter To score(a goal)
Las zapatillas Shoes, sneakers
Batear To hit, to bat
Bloquear To block
La aficionada Fan
El equipo Team
El tiempo Half(soccer)
Vovler To return
Poder To be able
La red Net
La cancha Court
El jonron Homerun
Jugar To play a sport
Aplaudir To applaud, to clap
Tocar To touch
La recepta Outfielder
La lanzador Pitcher
Empezar, comenzar To begin

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