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Chapter 4 Test

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who participated in the Athenian Democracy? The Assembly. The Council of 500, and courts.
what were the 3 branches of government in the Athenian Democracy? Assembly, The council, The court
what were the responsibilities of each branch? Assembly- discuss and vote on issues that affected Athenian lifeCouncil-prepare the agenda for meetings of the AssemblyCourt- Trying citizens who broke the law
how were decisions made? Citizens voted and put either a black marble meaning you were in against and white marble meaning you were for.
what was the government of Sparta? 3. 5 men called Ephors were in charged of taxes and laws. Had bad duty of health judging babies 1. 2 kings rotated back and forth between leading the army in battle and running governmental matters in city. They both had to agree on decision.2. A council of elders that consisted of 28 men over age 60 were ruled by 2 king and gave advice.
what was the roles of men in Sparta? They were taught to read and write and perform arithmetic. They were also taught sports and how to sing and play the lyre.
what was the roles of women in Sparta? Mothers taught the girls spinning and weaving and other household duties. Some girls from wealthy fam were taught to read and write and play the Lyre.
What are the cultural values? A very large academic focus. philosophers, teachers, manifestations, docs, scientist. Good military navy, used against Persians.
What is the difference between the Minoans and the Mycenaean? The Minoans located on Crete . They became wealthy by trade and building ships that sailed to Egypt and Syria. The Mycenaean were from Central Asia and the center piece of each kingdom was a fortified palace on a hill was also a military fort.
Which one had the military focus? Myceans
What was the significance of the Battle of Marathon? This battle took place on the plane of Marathon. Each fighting force gathered in the mtns/ hills and the persians on planes. The Greeks attacked first and the Persians gained an advantage.
What was the significance of the battle of Thermopylae?
What was the significance of the battle of Salamis?
what was the significance of the battle of Plataea? Turning point for the Greeks and worked together to protect and save homeland.
Who were the people involved in each battle? Marathon:Thermopylae:Salamis:Plataea:
what is the geography of where each battle was taken place? M= the plane of marathon ( marshes)/ hills swamp landT=A narrow mtn passS= in the strait of SalamisP=
what were the events leading up to the battle of Thermopylae? Xerces the commander
what were the evenets leading up to the battle of Marathon?
what were the events leading up to the battle of Salamis?
What were the events leading up to the battle of Plataea?
What is the long term impact of the Persian war? Athenian democracy survived no other democracy emerged in an ancient world planet would be very different w/ out a democracy
What is the overall sequence of the peloponnesian war? After the Persian wars were over, Sparta an Athens stopped cooperating and began growing suspension.
What is the long-term effects of the pelo war? All Greek city states were weakened Sparta dominated Greece fot abut 30 yearsThe Macedonians were growing in the north and would eventually cost them for their freedom.
Ephors? The Spartan assembly chose 5 people called Ephors. who controlled the laws and managed the taxes.
Leonidas? The spartan king who led the Greek Army
Dorians? Entered and introduced iron
Darius? He began his first few years as the member of the kings body guard. He also spent his 1st few years building Persia back up before conquering anyone else. Only failure was the ability to conquer Greece. Darius let people keep their culture.
Xerxes? The Persian commander
Pericles? The naval commander and overall millitary commander o Athens during the pelo war. He ultimately died during the conflict of the disease that ravaged most of the Athens when they holed themselves up in city behind walls.
At what age did boys become citizens? 18

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