flash cards

chapter 3 vocab

Term Definition
business model A comprehensive document in various parts including both a narrative and a financial description of a business or a proposed business.
certificate of authenticity Document attesting that the item is genuine.
cloning Creating an exact replica.
competitior Manufacturer or seller of a product or service that is sold in the same market as that of another manufacturer.
copyright Legal, exclusive right to a literary or artistic work.
exclusive rights Not having to share a market.
franchise Privilege or authorization granted by an organization.
franchisee Person or organization granted a franchise.
franchisers Person or organization that grants a franchise.
idea creation Originating an idea
mega-business Very large business.
patent Government grant to exclusively make, use or sell a product for a specific period of time.
signage Displays which convey information.
trade show Gathering of people interested in the same product or line.
trademark Legal restriction on the name or logo assigned to a product.

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