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business exam discussion questions

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why do large corporations want to become more like small businesses it reduces the management layers, and there are rapidly changing conditions in the world
franchising relationship small business owners find entry through franchising; license to sell another's products or to use another persons name in business or both
reasons for high failure rate among small businesses increase even more when money is tight reduced rev and exp materials hurt small businesses more than large because fewer resources
adv and dis of starting a small business adv- call your own shots, cheaper to start up than larger ones in terms of salary, flexible on changing productsdis-high failure rate in low economic times, peeps cut back when fuel prices rise
5 functions of management planningorganizing staffing directingcontrolling
3 level management top manmiddle manFirst-line man
3 style leadership AutocraticDemocraticfree-rein Leader
4 types of departmentalization functionalproductgeographic customer
relations between Authority Responsibility and Accountability process of delegating authority establishes a pattern of relationship and accountability between a superior and his or her subordinates
centralization v decentralization

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